The European Property Group combines investment insight with development know-how and asset management skills, ensuring an in-depth understanding of all aspects of property investment, development, and management.

Our seasoned team ensures reliably top-notch outcomes across the board, including...

Project conceptualization and planning More than two decades of experience in project planning in a variety of locations and circumstances allow us to create and evaluate comprehensive development concepts that adhere to international standards while decreasing development costs and increasing sustainability, efficiency, and profit.
Project development Our highly experienced team, streamlined development process, and rigorous project controlling mechanisms allow us to mitigate risk and ensure timely completion of benchmark-setting projects.
Leasing & marketing Our long track record of successful office, retail, and residential leasing gives us both an extensive network of contacts and expertise in creating the right tenant balance for any project.
Support in obtaining international loan financing Through our long standing relationships with several international banks, we are in a good position to obtain necessary debt financing.

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