We invest with a long-term view by focusing on top-flight projects. Our objective is to create a portfolio of Grade-A projects in prime locations.

We foster productive relationships with project partners by always delivering the best quality, benchmark-setting development projects in prime locations, on time and according to budget.

We are passionate about sustainably-built, benchmark-setting iconic real estate projects that contribute to the long-term social and economic development of their neighborhoods and communities. Our goal is to create a portfolio of mixed-use, office and retail projects on the cutting edge of quality and innovation.

Architecture is a continuing dialogue between generations which creates an environment across time.

— Vincent Scully

Urban planning philosophy:

  • Each of our projects begins with comprehensive urban and sociological research, and this forms the basis of our briefing for urban planners and architects.
  • Concepts are refined through intensive cooperation with interest groups and public authorities.
  • In continued dialogue with diverse interest groups and decision makers, we develop sustainable projects that become lively neighborhoods.
  • Local conditions and needs are a top priority during the development and building process.
  • We aim to achieve long-term returns and create lasting value.

Urban development philosophy:

  • Good urban planning concepts strike the right balance between tradition and modernism; cities have been developing continuously for centuries.
  • We believe in the creative city, in which technology, talent, and tolerance are equally developed and promoted. The creative city offers high quality of life and social security for its entire population.
  • The appropriate balance between government, civil society, and economic stability can create and guarantee social harmony.
  • Future-oriented development is what keeps cities and neighborhoods alive.

Investment philosophy:

  • Investments in high-quality, sustainable projects contribute to the long-term financial and social well-being of a community.
  • Innovative development projects that cater to local needs and reflect highest international standards bring lasting returns to investors.
  • Thorough research and an in-depth understanding of the local market are the cornerstones upon which a good investment strategy is built.
  • We limit risk to our investors by committing resources to a limited number of carefully selected, highly promising investments across countries and asset classes.

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