Our investment strategy is based on a sophisticated understanding of our target markets and a passion for benchmark-setting, iconic commercial real estate projects.

We provide a unique combination of exceptional real estate development and management experience, strategic vision, and resources. Our deep background in real estate enables us to capitalize on real estate investment and development opportunities more successfully than competing investment funds.

In my experience, in real estate, past success stories are not generally applicable to new situations. We must continually reinvent ourselves, responding to changing times with innovative business models.

— Akira Mori

We act as a driving force in our investments, contributing substantially to the success of our projects by exploiting our:

  • Significant on the ground development and management experience
  • Unique reputation with investors and banking institutions
  • Sophisticated project monitoring system to ensure delivery of top quality projects on time and within budget

We are well-qualified to calculate not only the potential risks but also the unique opportunities involved with each project.

Calculated risk approach

We have learned from experience that calculated risks still lead to attractive returns. We therefore center our activities in the “Core” and “Value Added” realms (see chart below).

A number of factors allow us to confidently take on our investments, including:

  • significant experience in both emerging and developed markets
  • a unique reputation for delivery of top quality projects on time and within budget
  • careful selection and thorough analysis of target industries and companies
  • extensive value creation diagnosis as part of due diligence and feasibility studies
  • the combination of experienced management and local market insight



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