Active as investor, developer, and asset manager for over 25 years, the European Property Group Holding has developed an excellent reputation for delivering unique top-quality real estate projects tailored to local circumstances.

We offer

  • 25+ years of on the ground experience in Central Europe and the USA
  • A track record of signature real estate projects in prime locations
  • Profound experience in the renovation of historical monuments
  • A thorough, systematic approach to real estate investment, development, and management
  • An experienced, multi-lingual team of professionals

The European Property Group has been delivering a wide variety of top flight real estate projects in Europe and the USA for over two decades as an investor, developer, and asset manager. Our portfolio includes retail, office, residential, historical redevelopment, and mixed-use properties in landmark locations that have been both commercially highly successful and unreservedly well received by their communities.

Our seasoned international team has the insight and skills needed to guide real estate projects from the initial conception and planning phases through construction to successful opening and operations.

We are committed to combining local insight and international standards to create projects that are both locally sensitive and internationally acclaimed.

Our Values


We are committed to contributing to a sustainable economy.




We take into account the varied living situations and interests of women and men in all decisions and on all social levels.

Social justice

We support social justice through the fair distribution of rights, opportunities, and resources in our company.




We stand firmly against the exclusion and separation of people on the basis of culture, social background, or religion, and are committed to integrating majority and minority factions of the population.

What next?

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